Delivery Policies

Delivery policies are settings that allow you to control when and how notifications are sent to subscribed customers.

This feature has these settings:

  • Minimum amount of inventory required to send a notification 

This field allows you to specify the minimum number of items available before the email is sent out to the customer that his product of choice is now in-stock. Notifications will only be sent to customers when the inventory levels reach this amount.

  • Notification Order

This setting lets you decide which customers will be notified of new inventory first. Choose between oldest or latest notifications registered.

  • Delivery Interval

Set the interval of how long between customer notifications. For example, ten customers have registered for a restock notification, but you only have restocked with five items. We send emails to the first five customers, and then after an hour we send five more notifications

  • For customers who request multiple units

When enabled, this setting allows you to send notifications to customers only when enough items are available.