Customer Notification Reports

The Customer Notifications section displays a full list of every customer who has signed up for an out of stock product. You can also delete or archive any of the entries in this section.

To access the page, follow these steps:

1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

2. Click Reports.

3. Click Customer Notifications.

The full list of customers will then be displayed.

Archiving/ Removing Customer Notifications

You can archive any of the Customer emails on your list if you wish to stop the app from sending email notifications to the customer when their products become available. The notification, however, will still be registered across all dashboard metrics.

To archive or delete an email:

1. Check the box of the customer email.

2. Click Archive selected notifications or Remove selected notifications, depending on your preference.

If you chose to archive the entry, it will now be labeled as archived.

If you chose to remove the entry, it will be permanently removed from the list.

Exporting CSV

Click the Export CSV button to receive an email containing each customer notification in CSV form.